Anisa M. Fathiyah or Fira, an Aquarians born in somewhere in the north of Central Java. She likes to wander, having deep thoughts while she's in the crowd. An ambivert facing her 20-something life crisis. If you meet her, you probably will see her in her resting bitch-face mode, but she's not gonna bite you tho. Currently in the attemp to fill her camera's memory card with as many possible memories and human soul.

This blog contains of everything she thinks she like to write: her feelings, her journey, reviews, stories, poems, or anything in between. Sometimes the writings are the result of her daydreaming, but some of them are inspired by real-life event. So if you think it is you who is written in one of her writings, be flattered, please.

Any inquiries?
Drop a message through amfathiyah@gmail.com