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Wednesday, August 01, 2018

June 17, 2018 was probably the day when the magic happened. No, no, my Hogwarts letter is still nowhere to be delivered. The owl must've got lost trying to find my house. But, there is another magical thing - which have bigger opportunity to come true - that finally hit me, struck me, right in my face.

Yes, yours truly is now a Mrs!

Just like in my previous post, I told you that something big is going to happen this year, and this is that big thing. Me, Mas Fadli, tied by the sacred vow.

It was just a simple wedding tho: held in my home, only family member and close friends invited, no wedding singer just a playlist I created in Spotify special for the big day, and lots of love in the form of prayers from everyone who came. 

How does it feel to be finally married with the man I love?
Other than feeling extremely happy, I am also feeling extremely grateful and relieved.

I am grateful because everything went well. There are no significant obstacles along the way of preparing our wedding, even when I have to prepare everything from afar. Mas Fadli said that my parents ease everything for they didn't ask much, and there was no tradition process involved (just like what I wanted).

And I am relieved, because I finally found a home I've been searching for. A place to come back, a shelter where I feel the safest, a shoulder to lean on whenever I feel tired after having a long bad day. A home, to put everything I have, for the rest of my life. 

I know it's not gonna be easy ahead. It's gonna be a long and windy journey but hey, I am not alone. Not anymore. 
And that's how we will be for the rest of our life: together.

To my husband, my bestfriend, my lover, my partner in everything,

Thank you, for coming and not leaving
Thank you, for choosing me among any other
Thank you, for taking the responsibility of taking care of me
I love you

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