Sentimental Post #1

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Maybe I am being too emotional.
Maybe my feeling is screwed by my own monthly cycle.
Maybe I am just too tired of the routines I had currently.
Maybe, there are too many maybes running in my mind.

But every time I see your name pops up in my notification, all I can remember is that time when you took my hand just to put them around your stomach.
"I am freezing, I need your hand to keep me warm," when we were riding on our way back home after we had dinner near Graha Sabha Pramana.

My mind also takes me to the night you turn your motorcycle right instead of left, going further than we should, after you printed your books in a copy-center near UPN.
"I know you don't want to go home just yet, so let's take the farthest way possible, shall we?" that's what you said.

Everything also reminds me about how easy to talk to you before the distance comes between us. How easy for me to feel better after I talked to you for hours, telling you how bad my day is, how I can't stand to face bunch of my problems, and all the shitty feelings will be gone only with a touch of your hand on mine.

Everything was easy. It was always be....

I miss you, more than before, and it's way much difficult than before.

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4 comment(s)

  1. Thank for endless attention, for love and everythink we have. Should you here for a hug.

  2. wait a minute, are you living in yogyakarta..? because i found a phrase "GSP".. that's remind me of something..

    feeling lonely in the crowd

    1. Yes!!! I was living in Jogja last year for my postgrad study, but sadly I have to move to another city earlier this year.

      Jogja and every single corner of it always triggers both bitter and sweet memories to anyone