FoodyJournal: Ice Cream on A Rainy Day, Why Not?

Monday, October 17, 2016

How to make your feeling better after rain get yourself soaking wet? Eat ice cream, of course!

No kidding, though. I went to Yogyakarta last week and got trapped in front of a convenient store for an hour because it was raining heavily. What I did after that to soothe ourself? I went to Il Tempo Del Gelato (Jl. Kaliurang KM 5) and have not just a cup but two cups of ice cream!

First cup was kemangi, chocolate, and cinnamon. I bet you guys wonder how the kemangi flavour tasted like. Well, I can say it was literally like you eat kemangi in lalapan, but combined with sweetness and the cold. It tasted surprisingly good eventhough your breath will smell like kemangi afterwards. 

The second round was dragon fruit and mango sorbet. The taste was quite refreshing especially after you had the creamy flavoured one. 

The place is nice. Wooden chairs and tables, window glass, paintings and picture on the walls, I can say it is really "Instagram-able". If you want to come to Tempo Gelato Jakal, it will be better if you come after lunch. The place is not really crowded that time.  Since it is located in Jalan Kaliurang which is like the center of food among UGM, UNY, UPN, UII, and any other campus in Yogya, you know what happen when you come after 3 PM when most of the campus students end their class. But if you want to get a nicer photograph for your Instagram feed, come after dark. They have super nice lighting that will make your photos look good!

How about the price? Hmmm, for the cup, 20K for S size and you can get 2 flavours, 40K for M size and you can get 3 flavours, and 25K if you want 2 flavoured ice cream with cone. There are L and XL cup size as well but I forget the price. 

Trust me, if you happen to get caught under the rain near this place, don't hesitate to come in! Ice cream will soothe your soul even when it is a rainy day!

- f

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