Significant Others

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Two weeks ago, me and my friends (we called ourself Huru-hara) went for picnic. It was actually planned long time before, but the time never match for all of us and the picnic plan was postponed til two weeks ago. 

We spent about 2 hours in Gunung Pancar and yet we already take for about 300+ photos!

The picnic was very fun indeed, although we were just taking photos and having lunch together in Gunung Pancar and didn't have enough time to explore the place more because we are in a hurry to watch Insurgent in 5 PM, but we have planned to go there again one day!


And the day was closed by having dinner in Warung Nagih Bogor. Nice food (Cheap price, too. Hehe), nice place, and the heavy rain were accompanying us that night. We talked about how future will be, how we will get along together when we are busy with our business: campus life, internship, and the biggest topic, SKRIPSI. You know, it hurts a little to imagine how we eight won't be easy to meet anymore, but it also makes me grateful to have them in my side right now and then (I pray this).

"Why torture yourself into loving a person who doesn't love you back when you can just love seven others and they give you the whole universe of happiness as return?" - F
You know, I can simply say that they are the reason why I am not bothered to have (or even think about) boyfriend or whatever you may call. I already have 7 significant others for myself, and that is more than enough :)

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