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Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Hello Fellas.
Such a long time not seeing my kind of long post, eh? I'm sorry for writing many (if 8 is counted as many) super short yet cheesy posts lately. You know, it's kinda hard dealing with broken and falling at the almost same time. 

You know, I actually want to shut this blog down and start doing another thing when I need to express what I'm feeling, but every time I opened this blog and see how many stories of my life had been written here, I suddenly feel the chill and ended up to keep this blog live, though I know that I will no longer write as often as I did in the past year. I will probably busy with my last two semester in college that I have to deal with every tasks and targets I want to accomplish. 

Anyway, this post was actually written as a flashback for what happened in my life from the beginning until the end of 2014. Bored with this kind of post? Yea, me too. But I think writing flashback post is one the way to appreciate every single second God ever gave to us right? So here it goes...


In the beginning of 2014, I decided to join a student organization in my campus, it is Badan Kelengkapan Majelis Wali Amanat Unsur Mahasiswa UI. I choose Human Relation division since I think that this division won't have so may differences from my previous division I joined in 2013. But DANG! That's a total mistake! Working with a total different atmosphere, different work force, and different kind of people almost make me quit BK MWA. But hell no, I'm not giving up and here I am, burst to tears when I have to tweet "Selamat malam, Salam Aspirasi untuk Solusi!" in @mwauium (I am the admin of the account) as the closing of our stewardship. BK MWA UI UM 2014 has won my heart! It's no longer a work place, it's home, where my heart is.

I guess there's no suitable words can explain how much I love you, guys. Thank you so much for the memories: Konsolidasi Awal Tahun in Puncak, the Werewolf games, all the Dream Team Adventure, all the "ngomong jorok", all the sleepless nights for Pemilihan Rektor UI, the Konsolidasi Tengah Tahun in Bandung, all the bad mouthing those pathetic jerk stealing our works covered by the great (but bullshit) name of BEM UI, thanks for everything! Sorry for suddenly leaving the group for a while due to my selfishness, in the end you are the only place where I come back. See you at Jalan-jalan Akhir Kepengurusan!


August 2014, God finally give me a chance to got what I've really wanted for 5 years. Yes, if you ever read my post, you will understand that my and his time, destiny, and chances finally crossed, and we finally in a relationship. Happiness struck down? Unfortunately, no. The relationship didn't work well, and it only lasted for 2 months. Super short? Yes. Are we just playing around? Me: nope. Him: I don't know. Everything didn't seem right that time. I find it hard to have such good communication to him, harder than when we're still just in the term of best friend. At the end I finally realize that the relationship is something that I want, but not something that I need. The time we decided to break up was also the time I get rid of all the feelings I have for him. The move on process was actually as easy as his "Yaudah pisah aja yuk" words. It's not that I'm just playing around, but that time I know I will be better without him, and it's time for me to start everything all over again. 

"We meet for a reason: either you are a blessing or a lesson"
Thank you, for being a lesson :)


October-November 2014, I found another family. We met as team for Delly's nomination as Majelis Wali Amanat UI Unsur Mahasiswa, but as Delly lost, the fight continues. We want a better condition for our campus' political condition, we want the domination's over, we want a better Universitas Indonesia. 

Thank you for the party, the sleepless nights at Delly's place, the discussion in KFC and McD, the laughter, the insights and the super-clear lesson about our campus' current condition. I just can't wait to see you guys again in Depok!


The last one, I want to say thank you very much to someone, I can't mention the name, who have been the main issue of my previous posts, who finally can make fall in love again, who finally make the butterflies in my belly back, who make this super sceptical girl finally able to believe in someone again. Thank you, for a super nice year-end~

Ah, enough with the thank-yous, I wish you all, the people I mention in the post and the people who read this post, a great and wonderful year ahead. Anyway, I know it's late but it's better than never to say Happy New Year to all of you! May 2015 will be a good and incredible year to us all :) 

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