Happy Turning Age

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hi! It's a new Fira here. Yep, not the 17 yo girl anymore, but Fira, the 18 yo girl. Yesterday was my birthday and I'm so happy for it. Being 18 means you are mature enough (and old enough, too) to do anything that you are forbidden before. Maybe like reading Moammar Emka's Sex and The City :D But that is one of the many great things you have in your 18th birthday. I haven't had a fine dining with parents by the way, they have to take my brother to his math course yesterday night and so do this night. A bit disappointed but they promise that we'll have a dinner in Dapoer Emak tomorrow (Yay!).

Finally, friends for my holiday
My birthday has never been so filled up with a joy like this before. Is it because of the people around me or because I've learnt to be thankful for everything happen in my life? I guess................ it's both of them :)

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